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Best time to see the Aurora over Iceland is at about 11 in the evening but it depends on activity of the Sunwind and sometimes they show up earlier.

If the activity is strong the Aurora can start the dance for us here right when it is dark enough to see the stars in the sky.

Yes and that is the first step if you are going for a Northern Lights Hunting and perhaps Aurora Photographing.

If you do not see the stars in the sky you will not see any Auroras.

So to find some stars you look at the cloud forecast and look for clear sky somewhere.

It can be tricky to find clear sky and sometimes the forecast is not very accurate.

The Sunwind is actually some protons from the Suns surface travelling in about 300KM/sek in a normal day (night) but when the activity is strong the Sunwind is travelling in about 600KM/sek or even faster. 

There are some different events on the Sun that ignite  the fast moving Sunwind we are looking for if we like to see powerful Auroras dancing in the sky with different forms, colors and speed. 

In a normal day with normal speed of the Sunwind it is also possible to see the Aurora and it is very often we can see Auroras for few minutes between  10 and midnight 

Here on we can tell you about events in the sky that can help you to find the best evening to go for a hunt for the magnificent Northern Lights. We are on Facebook.

We also have list of some good companies and tours to go with if you like to have guided tour.


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